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I have been using Tom Regula Rods for almost 20 years. I use both spinning and fly rods built by Tom.

The rods are used by my clients for both salmon and steelhead fishing and they have been put to test by both novice and 

experience angler and have never failed.

The quality of Tom's fishing rods is exceptional and their durability has been tested over and over by my clients.

Tom is always willing to work with to create rods that are specie specific and built to your specs. 

I highly recommend Tom Regula Rods.

Paul Auguscinski, Fishing Guide, SAS Guide Service, Salmon River, Pulaski, NY, USA

Tom Regula Rods are not only art work but extremely dependable.

 I guide in Alaska at the Royal Coachman Lodge and have put these rods to the test.

Whether playing trophy rainbows or hard fighting sockeye Tom Regula Rods are a real pleasure to do battle with.

 I never hesitate to put one in any clients hand.

Tony Gugino, Fishing Guide, Tony’s Salmon Country Guide Service, Pulaski, NY

www.salmoncountryguide.com   &   Royal Coachman Lodge, Alaska

I am a beginner as a fisherwoman. This is why I decided to take fishing tuition from an experienced 

instructor. I was referred to Tom Regula and definitely I can confirm that I made the best choice. Tom 

organised my whole trip, starting from providing best equipment, choosing the place of fishing and 

even catering! He was patient and instructed me in a detailed way. Tom knows impressively much 

about fishing and he knows how to easily pass on  his long years of experience. It proves best of the 

quality of his service that during my first ever fishing trip I managed to catch a 6 pound steelhead!

Bea Sieradzka, PR & Marketing Manager

I have been fascinated with Tom Regula's fishing rods from the first sight and I knew right away that I 

had to have one of them. Tom's rods look incredible and work amazingly well. No matter how long 

the casts are, they are not a problem at all and it's the purest pleasure to play even the biggest fish.

Terry House, Motocross Champion, Dorset, UK